Software package CogniVision allows doctors and other health workers, quick and easy visualization, measurement, and manipulation of virtual anatomic models. Models are obtained by three-dimensional reconstruction from digital images, CT and NMR radiological device in DICOM format. By using this software the user is able to on his own home computer implement some actions, that were previously only possible on expensive graphics stations or computers associated with diagnostic devices. Modern CT and NMR devices enable the storage of files in DICOM format, which is defined by the international standard. The current version of this format is the ACR / NEMA Ver. 3 or DICOM 3.0, and each DICOM compliant diagnostic device must meet the basic features of the standard. The result of radiological examination it can be a series of files with a single image, or a single file in which is stored a series of images. CogniVision program supports both file formats, dynamically adjusts the image size, compression type, order entries, and conduct other activities necessary for the interpretation of images without losing its quality, since the quality of the received information is crucial for successful reconstruction.