Nightingale SCAN


At the defined location Nightingale SCAN is installed on a user's computer along with corresponding flatbed scanner. Such a system with an additional application of the grid foil (CogniGrid system)  converts flatbed scanner into a fully functional 3D feet digitizer . The results obtained by this method are appropriate for regular requirements production of orthopedic inserts. Using Nightingale SCAN user governs scanner and/or other 3D digitizing systems, enters the necessary data and annotations etc. Data is then proceeded to a secure server and forwarded to the location where the design is implemented. Nightingale SCAN provides easy and fast access to patient information, generate reports, print images in a real foot size and provides a number of other features that greatly simplify the work with the patient / client, and the ordering process. All information is stored on disk users, as well as in our database. Based on this information (images and 3D models of feet), whose successful transmission to the remote design location, customer is notified by e-mail confirmation, and thereafter the design and manufacture of orthotics are completed. 

Basic Features

  • Easy installation
  • A quick and easy data entry through an intuitive interface and the course of action
  • Organized listing of all necessary data via an intuitive user interface
  • Reliable operation


  • Drop-down menus with a choice of material (basic and cover) for the purpose of insole design
  • Simplified entry of  patients diagnosis through choice in the dropdown menu
  • Generating reports ready for printing
  • Ability to search by specific criteria through stored records
  • A simple review and update of existing records
  • Support for the scanner (or camera) for  foot imaging
  • Ability to add annotations to images for  needed for  insole design
  • Allow for uploading of other information useful for design or store them in the patient's record (textual informations, X Ray radiographs)
  • Upload packet via email or HIPPA compliant secure FTP server
  • Ability to start other digitization module through the program interface
  • Simplified ordering of footwear by using modules for automated sizing foot type and footwear (Best Fit)
  • Generating foot print image in actual size in PDF format with and without inversion ( image inversion allow for great savings in printing toner)
  • Semiquantitative isometric view of distribution of the load on the foot obtained by processing of  feet images
  • Generating of raster images from plantar load distribution data obtained with IStep platform with the ability to print in real size (Other platforms may be added)
  • 3D visualization module to display 3D files (TXT, WRL, STL - eg. those that come with IStep platforms)
  • Organization of data  and upload files obtained from other sources (3D scanners from other manufacturers,and other pedobarographic platforms)